I go to school the youth to learn the future

So, today was orientation day in my new county here in North Carolina. I am really excited about my new job here. Teaching middle school will be a new challenge, but one I expect to embrace with gusto. Now, I currently know as much about North Carolina history as the Bachmanns know about the ghey, but I know that I can dominate! Plus, hey, if I lie to them, how would they know? Nah, that would be wrong. 🙂

It is weird, I have to admit, being a ‘new teacher’ again. Oh tenure, how I miss thee. The state screwed up my cert too, failing to recognize my nine years of experience (gave me 7) AND gave me only a BA. That is 7 grand, and that is going to change.

You know, though, I will never be at a place that is as good as the place I just left. I loved the kids there, I LOVED the faculty, I appreciate everything I learned and everyone I worked with.Good luck in the new year; I hope that we will always keep in touch.

Hey, look, I do have a heart. Go figure.

Tomorrow is my first day in the new school. I cannot wait.


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