After Altamira, All is Decadence

So, hi, yeah, I’m back. Idiot me left my computer in my trailer and so was a bit deprived recently. But I am here now, so, hey, yay for me. It has been quite the week so far. I got my trailer mostly decorated. Of course, no social studies classroom would be complete without representations of truth, justice, and sacrifice, as seen below:

The Truth, The Justice, and the American Way

Now, I also made sure to put up the most important symbols of liberty, freedom, and justice. Symbols that mean so much to us as Americans and as lovers of right and good.

Symbols of the Greatness of This Country

I have a mentor who put a century of newspapers hanging from his ceiling. It was incredible; you could literally see history hanging from the rafters. I can never be the teacher that he is, but to this day, I make sure to show students that primary sources never die, that news never gets old, and that always, always, always we will learn from those who came before of only we read and study who they were in there own words.

News of the World…without the Murdoch influence

Creating my classroom made me feel like I was becoming part of the school and of the community. I really do like my trailer. It is big, it is bright, and best of all, it has no asbestos problem. And no one is asking to take it from me, or likely to steal it from me. 😉


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