“Captain Jack is gone. In five minutes, this ship is going to be at the bottom of the lake! And there aren’t enough spaces on the lifeboat! Who are we gonna save? Do we save sales? Do we save customer service? Do we save accounting?”

Sooo. I learned two things today. One: there are, apparently, earthquakes in Raleigh North Carolina. Two: middle school kids are smaaaaallllll, even the 8th graders. I was really concerned about breaking one. I think I met about 80 to 85 of my students today, which is about half of my student load. Really, it was pretty nice; they seemed excited, though honestly, some of my attempts to joke with them led to them apologizing to me, so, yeah, need to work on that. Even had one kid excited that I was a Gator, as he is working (already, in 8th grade) to acceptance into UF. I also have a gamecock. Enough said about that one.
Now, the earthquake. Well, it was weird. I was sitting at my desk creating a powerpoint about the Tidewater region (fascinating stuff, really) when the trailer started to shake. My first thought was ‘wow, I am so awesome I can make the earth move.’ Then I realized that I tend to only make the earth move for one other person in my life, so that probably wasn;t it. Then I thought, ‘hey, I’m in a trailer. They have tornadoes. Am I gonna die, or at least end up in a magical technicolor land of talking cowardly lions and empty headed scarecrows?’ Then I realized that would mean having to land in the Capitol building in DC, and so hoped otherwise. THEN I realized, ‘hey, it’s an earthquake! Awesome.’ On top of the hurricane that is supposed to hit this weekend and the tornadoes that came through recently, I am sooooooo glad to be out of Florida. Ha.

I am looking forward to the kids on Thursday. I think it is going to be an awesome start to the year, and I am excited about the lessons I have planned! And, best of all….I get to drive down and see my women this weekend. As long as, you know, the hurricane doesn’t wipe the roads.


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