“That’s no reason to cry. One cries because one is sad. For example, I cry because others are stupid, and that makes me sad.”

Been almost two weeks already, hmm? So, hello everyone. I hope this post finds you well, and my teacher friends are settling into the school year. So, what’s going on with me, here half way back to New England and a million miles away from my hearts? Well, as the title implies, there were times I wanted to cry. But I’m better this weekend, so far…

The Dissertation: A Work of Stunning Progress Wrapped in a Piece of..

Working working working

So I am actually making some good progress. My first two chapters, which incorporates the lit review and the methods, are almost done, and I have about 15 pages or so in my data analysis, though that has slowed down some as I continue revising codes and comparing interviews. It is kind of exciting. I am going to be DONE by the end of next spring. And the party will be wicked.

My Family: Miles Away and Always With Me


Honestly, I am missing my family something fierce here. Thank Allah for Skype, because I would seriously not be able to do this otherwise. S. is doing a great job getting the Florida house ready for sale. The floors are going in as I type, and the realtors are coming out to look at it and put it up. I am going down this weekend, and I am excited to see my family then!

The Search For A House: Argh


Yeah, the image I posted above reflects my current quest for housing. There are a bunch I want to see, but the Relo-assigned realtor simply will not return my calls or emails. It is getting frustrating. I HAVE found some nice ones in our price range that are just begging for an offer by the end of the month!

Life at School: Eh, What Can Be Said?

Back to Skool

So our new principal is into the swing of things. She seems pretty good, despite her background as an LSU grad and fan. I am apparently going to be starting up a Student Council with another new teacher. Yes, starting; they didn’t have one last year. On a positive note, they do NOT have a community parade student council must organize, so that would be a nice change. 🙂
I do feel like I am starting to fit in somewhat, though I think I might rub some folks the wrong way with my speaking up during faculty meetings and some of the stuff I have said. Nothing new there I suppose. Honestly, I really do not get a good sense of camaraderie from folks at the school. They all seem little interested in team buildings, and there is little joking or discussion through email like I had at my old place (still missed). I DID grab drinks with one of the counselors on Friday, who is a nice guy, AND I am getting together to watch the Pats on Sunday with one of my co-workers who is also a Mass expatriate. So that will, hopefully, be great. 🙂
Horrifically, I really made a bad mistake with a student this past week. The county I am now in uses a 7 point scale. Essentially, anything below a 70 is an F. I completely forgot this, and told a girl that had earned a 64 on a test that she had passed. I spent 15 minutes trying to console her when I had to share the reality with her. I felt HORRIBLE. SO STUPID. I cannot believe something so simple slipped my mind and made a girl cry.

A New Week

It’s at least almost a new week. Great things are going to happen, and I just know it will be fantastic. Remember to thank a teacher, kiss your spouse, love your children, and hate the Yankees. Oh, and by the way, MY BOOK CHAPTER GETS PUBLISHED NEXT MONTH!


‘Daddy, you want ice cream?’ ‘Sure!’ ‘Ok! You got monies?’: My daughter and Disney and me

So Disney was awesome. My little girl is just…wow. You know, I am so going to have some problems when she is older. How do I say no to her? I mean, I can do it now, but she gives me those big blue eyes….and I am lost. We went and saw her favorites Buzz and Woody (she told them both she loved them; should I be worried for the future?), and while her mommy and aunty and grammie and friends were on a ride, we went for a walk and to go see the muppets. And of course, I saw a Woody doll at a vendor. And I go over and pick it up, and she looks up at me, with a little grin, and says ‘What you doing with that daddy?’ ‘That’s Woooooody [she draws out Woody :)], I like Woooooody!’ And I bet you cannot guess what I did. God, I am so going to have problems.

M eats my heart with a spoon!










Seeing family is always nice, especially when it is my wife’s mom and sister, and of course my wife. They are great people, and I love them. But my wife? She is just incredible. She does so much and works so hard, and I loved being at Disney with her too. And I cannot wait until she is here.

School today was decent. I am, I think, settling in somewhat, though I still struggle with middle schoolers, and I wish I could connect better with the faculty. Oh, and I sent out an email to the faculty pointing out that ‘under God’, which our principal wished to emphasize in the pledge as she requires students to read it as ‘the original poem’, was not in fact IN the original poem. So there is that.
Have a wonderful week!


I Haz a Blog Post on Yer Internetz

Well, hi. I missed you. Did you miss me? So it has been a week, full of sound, full of fury, and just a little full of significance. Last week ended well, and I got to go and see my little girl and my gorgeous wife over the weekend. Oh, that was a fun drive. But worth it!

I was so happy!








Unfortunately, my little princess was sick all weekend, so we didn’t get to go to her ‘bes frien’ D’s birthday party.

we were sad!

Driving back on Sunday, I made it back without incident. Thankfully, I had avoided the hurricane remnants heading down and driving back.

This week in the classroom has been…good..I guess. I am finding that I really do like high school kids more, and I really really miss my old school. BUT I do enjoy this 8th grade department, and I can speak up and be myself, which is nice. I mean, I enjoy being a silent, pretty flower and all, but you know, nobody puts baby in a corner. Like Sammy, I gotta be me!

So I also signed up for the reading committee, though I get the sense that the Language Arts department is not really interested in the ideas and input of a social studies teacher, so we will see how it goes. I also had a chance to finish drafting a 9/11 lesson plan for 6-8th grade social studies teachers, and it seems to have gone over well, so I feel like I have started making a positive contribution.

I have started to connect with my kids I think, though my jokes seem to fall flat. Well, flatter than usual, I suppose, you wiseasses. They seem to like me, and my tendency toward mild sarcasm does not seem to be a problem. Yay.

I love them. Really.

Of COURSE, I have some students who just LOVE that damn team from the Bronx, and they enjoy bringing it up.I, in turn, bring up my control over their grades and their very futures. So it all balances out in the end.

Friday is tomorrow. Only natural, I guess, what with the days of the week and everything. I get to drive down again and see my family, and we are going to Disney! Woohoo!