I Haz a Blog Post on Yer Internetz

Well, hi. I missed you. Did you miss me? So it has been a week, full of sound, full of fury, and just a little full of significance. Last week ended well, and I got to go and see my little girl and my gorgeous wife over the weekend. Oh, that was a fun drive. But worth it!

I was so happy!








Unfortunately, my little princess was sick all weekend, so we didn’t get to go to her ‘bes frien’ D’s birthday party.

we were sad!

Driving back on Sunday, I made it back without incident. Thankfully, I had avoided the hurricane remnants heading down and driving back.

This week in the classroom has been…good..I guess. I am finding that I really do like high school kids more, and I really really miss my old school. BUT I do enjoy this 8th grade department, and I can speak up and be myself, which is nice. I mean, I enjoy being a silent, pretty flower and all, but you know, nobody puts baby in a corner. Like Sammy, I gotta be me!

So I also signed up for the reading committee, though I get the sense that the Language Arts department is not really interested in the ideas and input of a social studies teacher, so we will see how it goes. I also had a chance to finish drafting a 9/11 lesson plan for 6-8th grade social studies teachers, and it seems to have gone over well, so I feel like I have started making a positive contribution.

I have started to connect with my kids I think, though my jokes seem to fall flat. Well, flatter than usual, I suppose, you wiseasses. They seem to like me, and my tendency toward mild sarcasm does not seem to be a problem. Yay.

I love them. Really.

Of COURSE, I have some students who just LOVE that damn team from the Bronx, and they enjoy bringing it up.I, in turn, bring up my control over their grades and their very futures. So it all balances out in the end.

Friday is tomorrow. Only natural, I guess, what with the days of the week and everything. I get to drive down again and see my family, and we are going to Disney! Woohoo!


2 thoughts on “I Haz a Blog Post on Yer Internetz

  1. Dude. You are a freakin’ expert at reading strategies. Come on! Who do they think they’re dealing with? FRI, CAR-PD, RtI, Differentiated Accountability….GEEZ. You probably know more than they do.

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