“That’s no reason to cry. One cries because one is sad. For example, I cry because others are stupid, and that makes me sad.”

Been almost two weeks already, hmm? So, hello everyone. I hope this post finds you well, and my teacher friends are settling into the school year. So, what’s going on with me, here half way back to New England and a million miles away from my hearts? Well, as the title implies, there were times I wanted to cry. But I’m better this weekend, so far…

The Dissertation: A Work of Stunning Progress Wrapped in a Piece of..

Working working working

So I am actually making some good progress. My first two chapters, which incorporates the lit review and the methods, are almost done, and I have about 15 pages or so in my data analysis, though that has slowed down some as I continue revising codes and comparing interviews. It is kind of exciting. I am going to be DONE by the end of next spring. And the party will be wicked.

My Family: Miles Away and Always With Me


Honestly, I am missing my family something fierce here. Thank Allah for Skype, because I would seriously not be able to do this otherwise. S. is doing a great job getting the Florida house ready for sale. The floors are going in as I type, and the realtors are coming out to look at it and put it up. I am going down this weekend, and I am excited to see my family then!

The Search For A House: Argh


Yeah, the image I posted above reflects my current quest for housing. There are a bunch I want to see, but the Relo-assigned realtor simply will not return my calls or emails. It is getting frustrating. I HAVE found some nice ones in our price range that are just begging for an offer by the end of the month!

Life at School: Eh, What Can Be Said?

Back to Skool

So our new principal is into the swing of things. She seems pretty good, despite her background as an LSU grad and fan. I am apparently going to be starting up a Student Council with another new teacher. Yes, starting; they didn’t have one last year. On a positive note, they do NOT have a community parade student council must organize, so that would be a nice change. 🙂
I do feel like I am starting to fit in somewhat, though I think I might rub some folks the wrong way with my speaking up during faculty meetings and some of the stuff I have said. Nothing new there I suppose. Honestly, I really do not get a good sense of camaraderie from folks at the school. They all seem little interested in team buildings, and there is little joking or discussion through email like I had at my old place (still missed). I DID grab drinks with one of the counselors on Friday, who is a nice guy, AND I am getting together to watch the Pats on Sunday with one of my co-workers who is also a Mass expatriate. So that will, hopefully, be great. 🙂
Horrifically, I really made a bad mistake with a student this past week. The county I am now in uses a 7 point scale. Essentially, anything below a 70 is an F. I completely forgot this, and told a girl that had earned a 64 on a test that she had passed. I spent 15 minutes trying to console her when I had to share the reality with her. I felt HORRIBLE. SO STUPID. I cannot believe something so simple slipped my mind and made a girl cry.

A New Week

It’s at least almost a new week. Great things are going to happen, and I just know it will be fantastic. Remember to thank a teacher, kiss your spouse, love your children, and hate the Yankees. Oh, and by the way, MY BOOK CHAPTER GETS PUBLISHED NEXT MONTH!


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