“I thought I was out…”



Yeah, so I’m back. It’s been almost a year since I blogged last. And I figured that I might blog again about the usual fun stuff. You know, life, the universe, education, comcs, politics, why the Red Sox suck this year…

The Family Is Here!

When last we talked, the family was still in Florida, land of the Mouse and Governor Voldemort. Well, now they are here! Yay!

Big Smiles All Around!

The fact that my family is with me always makes my day. I know I am a lucky man.

My Book Chapter Was Published!

Well, not MY book. But I wrote a chapter. 🙂

So I wrote the chapter on Dr. Mehaffey, edited by my mentor. It was a fun experience. I get no royalties, but you should buy it anyway!
I also ended up getting a couple of quotes into the Washington Post on teaching Watergate. Nothing huge, but it was exciting. 🙂

And finally for now..

I’ve embarked on a new career. Still in education. Still writing. But for now, to the classroom I have said

I will post more soon. Next up: Why The Secret World rocks, why the Red Sox stink this year, and the really crappy New 52.